I was injured in a car accident. I have insurance, and I have the other driver’s insurance information. Why do I need a lawyer?

Even though you pay premiums, insurance companies, even your own, may not have your best interests at heart. They are in business for profit, and their main objective is to minimize the number and amount of claims they pay out. In some cases, they will attempt to deny a valid claim.

The role of an experienced car accident lawyer is to help you obtain full compensation for your losses. We’ll start with the hard questions that need to be asked of insurance companies on both sides of the accident. Did you know you may be entitled to benefits under your own policy, even when the other party is at fault? We understand how to ask for and obtain those benefits.

At Kendall Law Firm, we investigate your accident, assess the full extent of your injuries, and aggressively pursue the compensation you are entitled to receive. Our lawyer has the knowledge and experience to effectively deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

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