My son was riding around with his teenage friends and the driver crashed while texting on his Smartphone. Can we hold the driver responsible for our son’s injuries?

If your son was injured as a passenger in a traffic crash caused by the negligence of the driver he was riding with, you may have a personal injury claim for compensation against that driver. Texting while driving may be considered negligence and is one of the most serious forms of distracted driving.

Owners of registered motor vehicles in Virginia are required to carry liability insurance (or have enough money to cover any losses that may result from an accident). As stated by Virginia DMV, chances are good that an insurance company, not your son’s teenage friend, will be paying for your son’s losses.

Please remember to take pictures of your accident and injuries with your smartphone. It helps to document as much as possible at the time of your accident. Those photos can be very helpful later on.

While we are taking about smartphones, also remember to be careful about what you post on your social media accounts after an accident or an injury. The insurance companies might use that information against you to hurt your claim.

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