Causes of Trucking Accidents in Virginia

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Truck accidents are capable of causing a substantial amount of personal injury and loss, in both property and productivity. When an individual sustains injuries in a truck accident, he or she may not be able to immediately return to work, particularly when the injuries are serious. This can result in a loss of income and make it even more difficult to keep up with financial obligations and make ends meet.

Fortunately, truck accident victims may be able to seek compensation for the financial losses, as well as for pain and suffering endured as long as the cause of the accident and fault can be accurately determined.

According to ScienceDaily, large trucks are involved in close to 11 percent of the fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States and responsible for causing an estimated 4,500 fatalities per year. Causes of truck accidents in Virginia and throughout the United States include:

Mechanical Failures

Large trucks and motor vehicles are composed of many moving parts. Failures may occur if these parts are not maintained properly or routinely. If a mechanical failure or a product defect is found to be the cause of a truck accident, the trucking company, manufacturer, installer, mechanic and seller are parties that could potentially be liable for injuries and losses in a truck accident.

Following Too Closely and Other Driver Errors

Drivers of large trucks and other motor vehicles need to pay close attention at all times while driving. Even a few seconds with eyes off the road can quickly turn into a tragedy. Following too closely behind another vehicle, speeding, making unsafe lane changes, texting while driving, eating, personal grooming, and other driver distractions or errors are capable of causing serious or fatal injuries in a car-truck collision.

Driver Fatigue or Falling Asleep at the Wheel

The tragic events which can transpire when a truck driver is fatigued to the point of dozing off or falling asleep at the wheel are avoidable. For the protection of others on the road, a truck driver must not violate Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, or drive while exhausted. Truck drivers who fall asleep at the wheel can easily crash into other vehicles, cause a multi-vehicle pileup, or lead to the senseless loss of life.

Federal law requires that truck drivers get sufficient sleep so they are well rested and able to stay alert on our highways and roads. If a trucking company forces its drivers to violate Hours-of-Service regulations in any way or encourages such behavior, the trucking company could be held liable for injuries or losses sustained in a trucking accident.

Overcompensation in Evasive Steering

It is far more difficult to safely maneuver a large truck than a smaller passenger vehicle. When a passenger vehicle cuts off a large truck, stops suddenly, merges without having enough room or allowing enough time, it can cause a truck driver to overcompensate while attempting evasive steering. In these instances, it may not be the truck driver at fault, but the driver of the other vehicle whose actions created the conditions leading to an accident.

Physical Impairments

Sometimes, accidents are purely that — just accidents. For example, a truck driver may have a physical impairment while driving, such as a heart attack. While the resulting accident may be tragic, it may not be the driver’s fault. On the other hand, if the truck driver had an underlying condition which would have made him or her ineligible to drive but was hired anyway, the trucking company could be held liable for its disregard for the safety of all road users.

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