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People can easily suffer neck injuries in car crashes, slip and falls and other accidents. Some neck injuries are obvious. They require on-the-spot medical attention. But many others are not. They often start as a nagging pain or stiffness and grow worse over time. Those types of neck injuries can be highly serious and demand prompt medical attention as well. This is why you should always see a doctor after you have been involved in an accident of any kind.

If you believe that another person’s negligence caused you to suffer a neck injury, you should also seek help from an experienced personal injury lawyer at Kendall Law Firm.

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Attorney David B. Kendall has protected the rights of accident and injury victims in Charlottesville, Winchester, Harrisonburg and surrounding areas in Virginia for more than 30 years. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, he has dedicated his life to serving others. David and our legal team will give your case the legal skill and caring attention that you deserve. To learn more, contact us today and receive a free, no-obligation consultation.

What Are the Symptoms of a Neck Injury?

After an accident, you should treat any type of neck pain as being a sign of a potentially serious injury. This is especially true if the pain or pressure lingers or grows worse, and you experience symptoms such as:

  • Swelling or bruising in the neck area
  • Stiffness or loss of neck rotation
  • Difficulty walking or standing
  • Pain that spreads to other areas such as your shoulders
  • Numbness or weakness in the arms or legs
  • Severe, recurring headaches
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control.

It is always a good idea to see a doctor after an accident – even if you do not immediately have neck injury symptoms. A doctor can conduct a physical examination. The doctor may also order you to undergo an X-ray, MRI or other tests. If the doctor diagnoses you with a neck injury, you should start treatment right away, follow your doctor’s orders and contact Kendall Law Firm in order to protect your rights.

What Are Different Types of Neck Injuries?

Seven bones, or vertebrae, form the neck. They belong to the cervical area of the spinal column. These bones protect the spinal cord, or the network of nerves that send signals throughout the body. Gel-filled discs sit between each of these bones and provide padding. Tendons, muscles and ligaments give support to the neck.

If you experience a sudden jolt or hard blow to the body in an accident, any of these parts of the neck can sustain damage and result in serious injuries such as:

  • Paralysis – If you suffer spinal cord damage, you can lose movement and feeling in your body below the point of injury. When spinal cord damage occurs in the neck, you may suffer quadriplegia, or paralysis in the arms, trunk and legs.
  • Herniated discs – If a bone in your neck slips or gets compressed, it can cause a disc to bulge or rupture. The disc may put pressure on surrounding nerves and cause you to suffer a great deal of pain and irritation. This is sometimes called a “pinched nerve.”
  • Whiplash – If your head snaps back-and-forth in a sudden, violent motion, the movement can strain or tear soft tissue in the neck such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. This type of injury can lead to chronic pain.
  • Blood vessel damage – If your blood vessels are torn or otherwise damaged, it can impede blood flow to your brain, cause blood clots to form and possibly lead to stroke-like symptoms.

All of these injuries may require extensive medical treatment. If another person’s negligence caused your neck injury, Kendall Law Firm will seek full recovery of your past medical expenses and future medical and rehabilitation costs in addition to all other damages that you may be entitled to receive.

What Are Common Causes of Neck Injuries?

At Kendall Law Firm, we often work with people in Virginia who have suffered neck injuries in the following types of accidents:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – Many people in auto accidents and truck accidents suffer neck injuries from the force of impact or from direct trauma to the neck. Whiplash, for instance, commonly occurs in rear-end accidents. Motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are highly prone to neck injuries in collisions due to their lack of protection.
  • Slip and falls – You can easily hit your head or experience a sudden, awkward twisting movement in a fall, leading to a neck injury. You may be entitled to damages if a negligent property owner, including the operator of a nursing home, allowed a fall to happen on the owner’s premises.
  • Falls from heights – Many construction workers suffer neck injuries due to falls from roofs, ladders and scaffolding. If the negligence of someone other than an employer or co-worker caused the fall, a worker may be entitled to pursue a personal injury claim.
  • Sports and recreation – Due to inadequate equipment or supervision, athletes can suffer devastating neck injuries in football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and other contact sports. Recreational activities such as skateboarding, roller skating and riding vehicles like ATVs also carry a risk of neck injury. In some cases, a negligent response to a neck injury may lead to dangerous secondary injuries.

At Kendall Law Firm, we thoroughly investigate neck injuries to determine how they occurred and who should be held responsible for the harm our client has suffered.

What Compensation Is Available for Neck Injury Victims?

Our law firm knows that even a “mild” neck injury can lead to major medical and rehabilitation costs, missed time at work and loss of enjoyment of life. Attorney David B. Kendall and our legal team will take the time to find out how your neck injury has affected you, and we will work tirelessly to seek compensation that addresses that impact.

The damages that we pursue on your behalf may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income and loss of future earning ability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality and enjoyment of life
  • Punitive damages

Although our law firm frequently obtains compensation for our clients through settlements, we are always prepared to take a case to trial. Please see our results to learn more about our work and the awards we have obtained on behalf of clients who suffered catastrophic injuries in Charlottesville and communities throughout the region.

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