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pedestrian hit by car

Pedestrians who get hit by cars often suffer painful and life-altering injuries. If you were struck by a reckless, careless, or negligent motorist, you shouldn’t have to bear the cost of these injuries yourself. While there is no way to … Continue reading

medical malpractice

Everyone makes mistakes, including doctors. However, if a doctor’s mistake causes you harm or injury, especially if that mistake could have been prevented, their mistake could rise to the level of medical negligence or even malpractice. If it does, you … Continue reading

If you’ve been in a car crash and suffered injuries, you probably aren’t thinking about the location of the accident or where the other driver lives. That’s understandable. Your first concern after an accident is getting medical treatment for any … Continue reading

Statistics from traffic accident reports in Virginia show an alarming increase in teens killed in car accidents from 2020 to 2021. The VA Department of Motor Vehicles’ 2021 Traffic Crash Facts report says teen driver fatalities increased by 55.6% in … Continue reading

A man driving a red car towards a bend in the road.

Many Harrisonburg car accidents are caused by drivers making improper lane changes. An unsafe lane change accident may occur when a motorist attempts to merge into another lane without checking to be sure the lane is clear. Failure to check … Continue reading

Holiday car driving

Whether it’s a Fourth of July backyard barbecue or a Thanksgiving gathering with family, the holidays are supposed to be about enjoying time with family and friends. Unfortunately, traveling by car during the holidays can be extremely dangerous. While car … Continue reading

black car involved in accident

A car accident can occur in a fraction of a second. But the consequences of an accident can linger for months or years. Many serious car crashes result in unanticipated expenses that are far more costly than simply vehicle repairs. … Continue reading

Single car accident

Anytime you are badly injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else, you have the right to explore recovering compensation for your losses from the at-fault party. This includes being injured in a single-car crash, whether you … Continue reading

truck on highway

Self-driving trucks may seem like futuristic technology, but in some ways, the future is nearer at hand than you may think. Technology companies and vehicle manufacturers are developing autonomous trucks, and Florida recently passed a law allowing self-driving vehicles on … Continue reading

truck crash

Truck accidents often result in severe damage, catastrophic injuries, and life-changing consequences for victims. If you were injured in a Virginia truck accident, you may be dealing with a long recovery, a loss of income, and a stack of medical … Continue reading